Complete Guide to Catalog Management: Catalogs as the Center of Procurement

For companies looking to extend their Procurement past major, business critical purchases, catalogs allow them to achieve efficiency in more spend categories plus offer usability and familiarity that encourage adoption. Companies that understand the potential of catalogs and use them to their fullest can achieve the efficiency and compliance that will elevate them to a true, best-in-class organization. 
Unfortunately, our experiences have shown that not enough companies realize the full benefits of catalog management and how they can make it work for them. Accordingly, we have brought in procurement expert, Mike Jud, to outline catalog strategies over the course of our catalog blog series to get the most out of the true center of Procurement.
As Senior Director of Product Evangelism at Vroozi, Mike Jud brings more than 15 years industry experience in sourcing and procure-to-pay solutions, working with technology companies like SAP and i2i.
Over this blog series, he will cover:
Be sure to follow this series to make the most of your catalogs and bring your business to the next class of procurement.
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