Catalog Management to the Rescue! Extending ERP Into Indirect Spend Without P2P With Vroozi’s smartOCI

In the beginning of each year, Spend Matters sends out a list of Procurement Predictions. One big theme in 2015 is the concept of Enablement and Democratization. Jason Busch mentioned,

"Procurement (and procurement solutions) will enable visibility to subsequently influence and coordinate rather than just “gate keep” and mandate. Guided buying and tail spend management are 2 good examples."

Enabling catalog management is the key to empower users. As such, Spend Matters researchers did a deep-dive on catalog solutions and published the following Spend Matters Pro article. Jump start your 2015 procurement planning with some expert knowledge. For a limited time, download this article free as a courtesy of Vroozi.

Compare Products and Prices in One Search Bar

To obtain the optimal price, you need a smart price comparison engine that search through all approved internal and external catalogs from one search bar and give you a list of results.  You can further filter and sort to narrow down the perfect item.

Punch Out and Bring Back Securely

Seamless integration to your punch out suppliers.  Whatever you put in the shopping cart on the punch out sites will get directly brought back to Vroozi shopping cart to complete the purchasing request process.

Load Catalogs in Minutes

Catalog content changes constantly.  The only way to keep your marketplace data up-to-date is to make the catalog management process easy and fast.  In fact, you could invite your suppliers to do them as well.  When you save time, you save money.

Create Frequent Orders

Having frequently ordered lists on your fingertips speeds up the whole purchasing process.  Just simply add the list in the cart and click “CHECK OUT NOW”.  In less than a minute, you are done.